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Acerinox's priority

Facilitating adequate and safe workplaces to its employees is a priority for Acerinox. The commitment to occupational risk prevention is integrated at all levels of the Group, requiring this same level of commitment from its contractors.


The health and safety management systems comply with the requirements established by the local regulations applicable in the different work centres and pursue certification according to international standards. All Group companies are ISO 45.001 certified or are in the process of transitioning to OHSAS 18.001.



Accident rate

As a sign of its firm commitment to reducing the accident rate, the Group signed credit operations with interest rates varying according to the achievement of the annual reduction target.

Acerinox's objective
Acerinox's objective

Reduce the LTIFR indicator by 10% every year

Practical support in the application of Corporate HSE Strategy and compliance with the objectives set on the ESG Positive Impact 360 Program.

Best practices

Acerinox Europa and the fire brigade consortium carried out a practical exercise of an emergency scenario. The training, which was part of the activities included in the collaboration agreement signed between Acerinox Europa and the provincial fire brigade consortium, was carried out at the Palmones factory.

The Group’s factories have the 6S system, also known as 5S + Safety, which seeks to maintain and promote a high level of productivity and safety within the working environment.

A 24-hour Group-wide reporting system was established in order to report accidents, with subsequent training in problem solving and root cause identification for future safety application.

The Group’s factories implemented a safety minute for shift changeover.

LOTO (Lockout Tagout) audits were reinforced.

In addition to accident and absenteeism indicators, Leading Safety Indicators were defined for roll-out in 2022.

Acerinox celebrates its safety week to commemorate World Steel Safety Day.
Acerinox celebrates its safety week to commemorate World Steel Safety Day.

With the motto “Our People, Our Priority: Safety First”, Acerinox promoted activities in its offices and production centres on the five continents. Specific daily training activities were held at each plant, selected on the basis of the main causes of accidents in the steel industry.