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Industrial equipment & engineering

Present in obtaining and distributing hydrocarbons and biofuels. Essential in the production of ethanol and bioethanol, and the production of renewable energy.

  • Water
  • Energy and Petrochemical
  • Batteries
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical
  • Paper and Cement
Application Engineering Sector
VDM® Alloy 718 CTP

An age-hardenable nickel-chromium-iron-molybdenum alloy.

VDM® Aluchrom Y Hf

A chromium ferritic steel alloyed with yttrium and hafnium.

Powder CoCr F75

A cobalt-chromium-molybdenum based non-magnetic superalloy for use in additive manufacturing.

Alloy 825

A fully austenitic nickel-iron-chromium alloy stabilised with titanium with additions of copper and molybdenum.