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Acerinox raises the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals banner

Thursday September 28, 2023 |
Acerinox has joined the #TogetherfortheSDGs initiative, raising the banner of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reaffirming its commitment to sustainability.
Employees from the Madrid office hold the SDG banner with CEO Bernardo Velázquez.

A group of employees from different centres and factories, led by management, represented the company's commitment to continue advancing in the direction set by these international goals.

The Chief Executive Officer, Bernardo Velázquez, personally promoted the initiative with his participation in the event at the Madrid headquarters, during which he stressed that “Acerinox is firmly committed to contributing to the achievement of these global goals through processes and products that are benchmarks in the circular economy, as well as a responsible management model that helps protect the planet, reduce inequalities and promote a more prosperous and sustainable world”.

Acerinox’s activity stands out in several SDGs. Among them, the SDG 3 (Health and Well-being), the SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) and SDG 8 (Decent work and economic growth).

The Group does this with specific actions in each of these, such as strict health and safety measures to ensure a safe working environment in the case of SDG 3; implementing water-saving technologies, reducing consumption and supporting access to safe drinking water in underserved regions in SDG 6, or the commitment that all employees are treated with respect and provided with opportunities for professional development in SDG 8.

Acerinox Europe: meeting the SDGs through specific actions in the region

Part of the Acerinox Europa workforce raises the SDGs banner in the factory located in Palmones

Acerinox Europa, the Group’s plant in Campo de Gibraltar, also joined in the celebration of the anniversary of the SDGs with a symbolic act in which the plant Director, Francisco Fernández de la Mata, raised the banner at the main gate together with a large representation of employees.

The Acerinox Europa factory carries out actions that comply with at least 10 SDGs and which, in addition to the factory’s own activity, in themselves represent initiatives that strengthen the region’s social fabric.

The Andalusian Cultural Days, the organisation of sports activities, the Acerinox Chair together with the University of Cadiz, the Safety Week, the Employee Assistance programme, the fight against invasive species in the Bay of Algeciras, or the increase in the use of renewable energies through the contracting of energies with guaranteed renewable origin (PPA and GDOs) are just some of the initiatives launched by the plant.

VDM Metals, specific actions aimed at its commitment to the SDGs

Some of the young workers at VDM Metals hold the SDG banner.

Some of the actions undertaken by VDM Metals, the high performance alloys division, respond to the call for at least five of the goals.

Specific actions that have materialised in initiatives such as providing housing for refugees from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, publishing a new Code of Conduct or receiving recognition for its educational programme for young apprentices with the ‘Focus money award’, among others.

In addition, Transparency International, the leading anti-corruption organisation, recently accepted VDM Metals as a member of the organisation.

Some VDM Metals employees joined the initiative to celebrate the anniversary of the SDGs by carrying the banner with the campaign slogan: Together for the Sustainable Development Goals.