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Acerinox Europa passes the €1 million mark in grants awarded to the children of employees

1,501 children of workers have benefited from these grants since 1998.

Wednesday November 02, 2022 |
General news
Joaquín, Eribo, Laura, Alejandro, Rosa and Patricia are just six of the 1,501 young university students who have benefited from the grants that Acerinox Europa has been providing for the last 25 years.

Like them, any child of an Acerinox Europa employee who is studying or is going to enrol at university for the first time can apply for these grants if they meet a few requirements. "To qualify for the grants, you must gain a university place with an average grade of at least 7 and, to keep the grant, you must pass all subjects, among other requirements", as explained by the beneficiaries.

Through these 'Study Grants', which the company has been offering for every academic year since 1998, Acerinox Europa has already granted €904,761 with an accumulated provision of €1,145,840.

Moreover, the grants cover the special needs of those who travel away from their place of residence to study. In these cases, the amounts are higher in order to collaborate in with those who travel to study.

On the other hand, they are often provided with internships within the Acerinox Group, which are part of their training plan.