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Corporate Governance

Letter from the Chief Executive Officer

"A company can't change the world, but it can help the world to be a better place for those with whom it interacts". I wanted to bring back my phrase of a few years ago because, besides still being totally applicable, it perfectly sums up the spirit of the new mission, vision & values.

Acerinox - and all those who dedicate our efforts, ideas and enthusiasm to this company - can improve the world around us by being careful about what we do, and how and why we do it.

Here's how we defined our mission: "To create the most appropariate high performance materials for each application, thus contributing to the progress and quality of life of a sustainable society".

Fundamental pillars of our strategic plan

"Our Strategic Plan, approved by the Board of Directors, is based on four fundamental pillars: sustainability, excellence, added value and financial strength".

Acerinox 360º Positive Impact

"Acerinox Positive Impact 360º" includes lines of action and objectives that address matters concerning ESG (the Environment, Social, and Governance).