Acerinox achieves its best results ever in 2021

•2021 revenue increased by more than 44% to EUR 6,706 million, and EBITDA totalled EUR 989 million (+158%).

•The Group multiplied by 11 its net profit to achieve EUR 572 million, the highest since its incorporation in 1970.

•Melting shop production amounted to 2.6 million tonnes, exceeding that of 2020 by 19%, and setting a new all-time record.

•The outlook for the first quarter of 2022 is favourable for the seventh consecutive quarter thanks to good demand, low inventory levels, improved prices and increased regionalisation of the markets.
•The Group positions itself as a benchmark for the circular economy. In 2021 its products were manufactured with a recycled content of more than 90%, and more than 70% of the waste generated during the process was reused.